Custom Boxes

Protect and personalize your treasures.

Photograph of custom ring boxes.

Custom boxes can provide protection and display for your favorite books, documents, photographs, artist prints, or objects.

Photo of a custom portfolio. Photo by Corbin Gurkin.


Portfolios can house a variety of items such as prints, diplomas, awards, or other important documents.

Photo of a unique box closed. Photo by Corbin Gurkin.
Photo of a unique box with top tray. Photo by Corbin Gurkin.
Photo of a unique box with tray removed. Photo by Corbin Gurkin.
Photo of a unique box disassembled. Photo by Corbin Gurkin.

Unique boxes

Some boxes demand an extra element of style. I'll work with you to find the best way to create your box to showcase its content while making sure it lasts for generations.

Customize your box

There are many ways to make a box your own.

Photograph of custom foil stamping on a book cover by Corbin Gurkin.


Add titles, logos, or your own design with foil stamping.

Image of inlaid text and image on a book.


Inset text or ephemera to customize your book or box.

Image of pockets on a panel inside a box.


Creatively display mementoes or ephemera with snug-fitting pockets.

Image of custom box compartments.
Image of box with DVD compartment.
Image of box with integrated compartment for ephemera. Photo by Corbin Gurkin.


Boxes can be designed with special compartments for documents, CDs or DVDs, USB drives, or ephemera. Drawers and covered compartments are also good options for your custom design.

Image of a bone closure on box.
Image of a custom button closure on a box.
Image of a metal brooch closure on box.
Image of a button closure on a box.


Make a statement with a distinctive closure for your box. Bone and magnetic closures are lovely and secure options, or you can provide your own buttons or brooches to add a personal touch.

Plan Ahead

Custom projects take time, and I am a one-woman bindery. Get in touch to talk about the design and deadline for your project. I look forward to hearing from you.