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A Family Affair

Monday, August 8th, 2011


Recently my mom (far right) approached me about putting together a short private art class for her, her best friend Cheryl, and Cheryl’s daughter Shana, who was going to be visiting for a few days. We decided to make it a collaborative workshop with me and artist, art educator, and my best friend Mary Lamson-Burke. The idea was for Mary to teach a printmaking component, while I would teach a bookmaking project and then we would join them together in some way. After several more complicated ideas, we settled on the idea of making lino prints that could be used to embellish the cover of a stab binding.

The class was a bit challenging at times (try teaching a hands-on project with an active 13-month-old on your lap!), but mostly a ton of fun. The highlight was seeing my mom go from feeling terrified to make any mark at all, to finishing a beautiful print and book in just a couple of hours. It was the first art project she has ever successfully completed in her life! It was also so inspiring to teach with such a talented teacher and artist as Mary. The creative ideas are stirring in both our minds for future collaborative workshops!